Towing Terminology to Help in Security, Safety and Buying a Caravan


The need to know towing terms is handy in two main fronts. Primarily, it helps when buying a caravan. Secondly, it helps to safely tow your rig. Want to learn more about towing terms? Why not visit this ultimate guide to towing and know more.


The various terms used in towing service pompano beach include:


Tare Weight


It is the weight of an empty trailer. The plate of a van’s trailer contains the weight. The manufacturer is the one who states the caravan’s weight. It is the weight of the trailer as it leaves the factory. The basis of stating the weight is according to the way the manufacturer fully builds and fits the caravan.







ATM stands for Aggregate Trailer Mass. It is the maximum permitted weight of a trailer. It includes the total weight of the wheels, the coupling, and everything in the caravan. Manufacturers state the ATM on the plate of a trailer. It is usually on the luggage boot or the A-frame.


GTM stands for Gross Trailer Mass. It refers to the maximum permitted weight of the wheels of a caravan. However, it is not inclusive of the weight exerted on the coupling. Manufacturers normally state the maximum allowable GTM.


Tow Ball Mass


TBM is the weight exerted by a tow truck pompano beach trailer on the tow ball of a vehicle. The manufacturer states the maximum TBM. The optimum rating is to have the TBM as 10% of the ATM. In some cases, the tow bar and car have different ratings. In such a situation, the one with a lower value applies.


Gross Combined Mass


GCM is the combined mass of the caravan, tow vehicle and other loads in the vehicle. If you exceed the GCM, you exert much strain on the engine and brakes.


Jockey Wheel


Jockey Wheel holds up the caravan’s front when the caravan is uncoupled from the towing vehicle. There are two types of the jockey wheels. These are removable and fixed types. The former is clamped into a desired position while the former is fit on a pivot.




It links the vehicle’s tow ball to your van. There are different types of couplings available for towing a caravan. One common coupling is the ball coupling. It directly attaches a wedge to the vehicle’s tow ball. The wedge has a hitch housing that secures the coupling to the tow ball.


Brake Controller


You fit the brake controller inside a car. Power then flows from the light circuit of the vehicle’s brake to the controller. From the controller, power flows back to the caravan. It allows automatic activation of the caravan’s brake after application of the vehicle’s foot brakes.


Trailer Sway


It occurs while braking when the wheel of the caravan locks. Another situation is the swinging of the van from side to side. The swaying reduces the stability of the towing vehicle.


Composite Construction


In this case, the caravan walls contain bonded aluminum. It facilitates ease of construction and repair. Composite construction also enhances a smooth appearance.


Understanding the various towing terms can help you when buying a caravan and tow truck. It will eventually ensure your safety on the road.

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